Swim Course

Sprint 750m (0.47mi)  -  Olympic 1500m (0.93mi)

This counter-clockwise rectangular course starts and finishes at the south boat ramp of Boulder Beach. Kayaks, sea doos, boats, and lifeguards will be in the water to support all athletes.  If you need a rest while in the water, waive your arms or simply swim to the nearest kayak.  You can hold on to any vessel without penalty as long as there is no forward propulsion.  If you need to cut your swim short for any reason, let the water support team member know, and they will bring you in to shore.


Bike CoursE

Sprint 12.4mi  -  Olympic 24.8mi

This course is OPEN TO TRAFFIC. Please follow all staff, marshal and law enforcement directions. All cyclists will begin at the Bike Mount Sign a few feet from the Bike Start Arch at the top of transition. Once the bike portion of their race has begun, there will be limited access to the race venue parking entrance/exit. Cyclists begin by making your way up the North Access Rd, make a right turn on Lakeshore Dr. After 5.5 miles, you will reach the Sprint turnaround. Sprint athletes will turnaround and head back to transition, while Olympic athletes will continue straight at the intersection of Northshore Dr and Lakeshore Dr. After the turnaround point, Olympic athletes will turn right and continue on Northshore Dr for 2.4 miles to the Olympic turnaround. Olympic athletes will head back to transition.

Bike Aid Stations

There will be 1 aid station on the Sprint course and 2 aid stations on the Olympic course. There will be lemon-lime Gatorade Endurance Formula, Hammer Gels and bottled water available at bike aid stations. Please follow all staff, marshal and law enforcement directions.​




Run Course

Sprint 5K  (3.1mi)  -  Olympic 10K (6.2mi)  

The run is an out-and-back course through the Sage with beautiful views of Lake Mead. For all runners, approximately 2.4 miles of the run will be on a dirt road. The rest will be on concrete.


Runners will begin under the Run Start Arch at the end of transition that is closest to the water. Triathletes will exit transition and turn right and run along Boulder Beach on a groomed dirt road through the Sage for approximately 1.2 miles in both direction. Sprint triathletes and duathletes will turn around at mile marker 1.55 miles on South Access Road. Olympic triathletes will continue by running south on the River Mountain Loop Trail until they reach the turnaround at mile marker 3.1. All athletes will turnaround and run back the way they came all the way to the finish.

Run Aid Stations

There will be aid stations approximately every mile. 5K course will have 3 opportunities to fuel up, while the 10K course will have 6 opportunities.  Hammer Heed, Hammer Gels and water will be offered at all run aid stations. 




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