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Is Your Cause Sports a non-profit organization?

Yes, Your Cause Sports has been a 501(c)3 nonprofit since 2007. Your Cause Sports continues to contribute to thousands of nonprofits worldwide. Your Cause Sports has raised nearly $500,000 in donations to date through our race fundraising strategies.


Which charities or causes does Your Cause Sports support?

We will help you fundraise and bring in donations for ANY 501(c)3 nonprofit. 


Do you also donate money to charity?

YES! BBSC Endurance Sports believes in the mission of Your Cause Sports so much, that we have pledged to contribute $10 to any athlete that reaches $150 in donations. 

Racing for Your Cause

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To make a donation to an athlete, request their online fundraising page link. 

To make a donation directly to Your Cause Sports to help grow our mission, email

Tri Club Challenge Award

Your Cause Sports mission is to raise funds and awareness for any and all nonprofit, big or small. Your Cause Sports works with community to help fund nonprofits, as well as give back to the nonprofit organizations that volutneer for each and every event. 


Since its inception, Your Cause Sports has provided over $1 million in donations to many deserving global, naitonal and local nonprofits.


Your Cause Sports is unique because it allows athletes to fundraise for a charity of their choice. Providing the guidance, support and expertise to help athletes embark on their fundraising journey. 


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