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We've always been about quality race production, ever since the very beginning. We recognized a need for quality races in top-notch locations. We found the best venues, we created the safest, most scenic race courses and now we want you to come out and have a great experience with us. Here's a little bit about how we started and where we are today.


BBSC Endurance Sports was founded in 2003 with the RAGE and Pumpkinman triathlons. Growing into Utah with the SG Tri, now known as the Sand Hollow Tri, BBSC quickly became the leader in triathlon production for Nevada and Utah. The current owners of BBSC Endurance Sports were introduced to the company while providing timing services in 2009. After being blown away by the superior race experience, they were determined to join forces with BBSC and bring it to the next level. Prior to this in 2007, the BBSC team founded a nonprofit that allows athletes to raise money and awareness through racing, for the nonprofit of their choice. It's called Your Cause Sports, and it's managed by the amazing staff at BBSC! In 2013, BBSC added a few more races in Colorado. Who knows what the future holds for BBSC as we continue to expand, learn and serve our athletes better! 


We feel very fortunate to have such amazing athletes, volunteers, sponsors and vendors that support us. It is for this reason that we continue to donate a great deal of our time to the production of Your Cause Sports, in an effort to give back to the community that has supported us. Your Cause Sports has a big impact on a lot of small to mid-size nonprofits all over the country but especially in Colorado, Utah and Nevada.



Brent Herron Owner, Finish Line Announcer

Brent’s triathlon interest started after witnessing the World Championships in Kona in 2004. Over the next three years, Brent completed three Ironman triathlons and graduated the University of Colorado with a bachelors of science in molecular biology.


In 2007, Brent founded Your Cause Sports, a nonprofit triathlon production company that has raised money for hundreds of charities to date. In 2008, Brent started timing triathlons and endurance races. One of his timing clients happend to be BBSC. He fell in love with the scenic venues and quality race production that BBSC stood for and became the new owner within the same year.


“It has been a journey along the way, but I strongly believe we have some of the best employees, thus, some of the best race productions in the region. And we offer it all at affordable prices, compared to other triathlons at the same venues.”


Brent's love for triathlon goes hand-in-hand with his true passion of practicing medicine as a doctor. Aftering establishing a successful nonprofit and triathlon production company, Brent went on to earn an MBA in Healthcare Administration and a Masters of Science in Integragtive Pysiology. Brent graduated from Drexel College of Medicine in the Spring of 2015. He completed a Family Medicine residency at University of Nevada Las Vegas. He is now a family physician at Kaiser Permanente in Westminster, Colorado.

Cedric Keppler CEO, Race Director

Cedric was introduced to the world of triathlon when he and Brent became best friends at University of Colorado in 2004. Cedric never hesitated to support BBSC as a volunteer at the events while maintaining his full time job. Cedric's passion for endurance sports quickly led to a business partnership with Brent in 2012, when Cedric left the corporate world of inside sales to dedicate his life to triathlon production. After endless training, coaching, and certification courses, Cedric took the roll of CEO and race director so that Brent could focus on his medical career.


Cedric provides direction for the company, while performing the duties of a race director. On race day, Cedric ensures that all the pieces of the puzzle come together.  You’ll find him setting up barricades, answering athlete emails, securing vendors, marking the course, directing paramedics, police officers, volunteers, and most importantly, making sure that everyone is SAFE!

Michelle Lund Marketing, Design, Announcer & Packet Pick Up Specialist

Michelle is the creative of the bunch. She helps direct BBSC’s marketing plan, race material and website. Michelle grew up in the Midwest and attended Bradley University, where she accepted a full-ride scholarship to play Division I Women’s Basketball. Shortly after, her love of the outdoors led her to Colorado. After finishing a sports marketing internship, she was brought in by BBSC to help with sponsorship and operations.


She is now the director of marketing, packet pick-up coordinator, website editor and graphic designer. She dedicates her time to learning more about the sport of triathlon by competing herself. On race day, she is coordinating packet pick up, and you’ll find her on stage during awards.

Craig Towler Customer Service, Volunteer Coordinator, Sponsorship

Craig was born and raised in Boulder, CO and is very passionate about the outdoors, fitness and health.  Having competed on various sporting teams such as baseball, basketball, and track & field, Craig continued to expand his horizon by joining the BBSC crew in 2012. As a close friend of the BBSC staff, Craig volunteered at various races. He quickly fell in love with the high-level stress of race-day execution, and became the official bike course coordinator in 2013. Craig is an avid weightlifter and carries his competitive attitude to race week, fitting perfectly into the mission and the tradition of BBSC.


On July 4, 2016 after Craig returned home from a BBSC event, he was struck by a reckless driver in a tragic accident which resulted in the amputation of both of his legs. After being struck and pinned between two cars, Craig instructed his roommate and neighbor to lay him on the ground and create tourniquets out of their belts until paramedics arrived. Doctors said this act of bravery and heroism saved his life.


The overwhelming support that was shown for Craig after the accident was astounding. Hundreds of people donated to his recovery and shared his story. Weeks after the accident, Craig was eager to start physical therapy. Everyone around him was impressed with his motivation. He regained his strength quickly! After Craig's initial recovery from the trauma, he was able to start the process of being fitted for prosthetics. He goes to physical therapy everyday and is learning the process of walking with them! Follow his progress on Instragram @craig.a.towler  or visit his webpage www.craigtowler.com


The 2017 Craig Towler Freedom 5K and 10K Run celebrated Craig's Alive Day, as we help him continue his mission to motivate and inspire others to achieve great things, no matter their life circumstances.

Alex Herron Timing Specialist, Power Guy

Alex has grown up helping produce BBSC events. Alex graduated from the University of Colorado in 2015. After spending some time in Hawaii after college, Alex decided to become the timing specialist and set-up coordinator for BBSC.


You will find Alex managing equipment, timing races and setting up the power plan for each race venue. 

We couldn't do it without these amazing people!
Frank Endellicate, Course Coordinator
Shawna Glasser, Course Coordinator
Dave Ellsworth, Course Coordinator
Dan Ford, Course Coordinator
Kurt Miller, Course Coordinator
Christian Castaneda, Course Coordinator
David Herron, Packet Pick Up Specialist
Angela Richman, Packet Pick Up Specialist
Diana Herron, Packet Pick Up Specialist
Kim Keppler, Packet Pick Up Specialist
Harold Cosby, Packet Pick Up Specialist
Cindy & Jasmine Towler, Packet Pick Up Specialist


Live. Strive. Race.


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